Revolutionizing Generative AI: Cerebras & G42's Game-Changing Supercomputer Initiative

Aug 8, 2023

Excited to see Cerebras and G42 are building a massive AI supercomputer. The generative AI market is developing rapidly and Cerebras's technology addresses the scaling challenges as explained below by Cerebras's CEO, Andrew Feldman,

“Many cloud companies have announced massive GPU clusters that cost billions of dollars to build, but that are extremely difficult to use. Distributing a single model over thousands of tiny GPUs takes months of time from dozens of people with rare expertise. CG-1 eliminates this challenge. Setting up a generative AI model takes minutes, not months and can be done by a single person. CG-1 is the first of three 4 exaFLOP AI supercomputers to be deployed across the U.S. Over the next year, together with G42, we plan to expand this deployment and stand up a staggering 36 exaFLOPs of efficient, purpose-built AI compute.”

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